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Pain Management

Physical therapy is often an integral part of the multidisciplinary approach to managing pain. Physical therapists work with individuals to address pain through a combination of therapeutic techniques, exercises, and education. Here are key aspects of physical therapy management of pain:


Comprehensive Assessment

Patient Education

Hands-on Techniques + Modalities

Graded Exposure and Activity Pacing

Posture and Body Mechanics

Functional Rehabilitation

Get back to Enjoying your Life!

Move • Heal • Thrive 

Joint Pain

Acute & Chronic Pain

  • Impact on Quality of Life:

    • Acute pain is generally a response to a specific incident and, once treated, often allows for a return to normal function.

    • Chronic pain can significantly impact an individual's quality of life, affecting daily activities, sleep, mood, and overall well-being

It's important to note that the management of pain is highly individualized, and physical therapists tailor their approach based on the specific needs and conditions of each patient. Additionally, collaboration with other healthcare providers is often essential for a comprehensive and effective pain management plan.

Stomach Ache
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