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Not all injuries or diagnosis need to be evaluated in-person. Teletherapy visits allow physical therapy services to be provided virtually over a technology platform. Patient education is a primary component of physical therapy telehealth.


We live in an on-demand world. Even prior to COVID-19 dominating our day to day lives, people were changing how they approached life. Patients are trending toward wanting immediate care, and they don’t want to wait weeks for an appointment, especially if they only need exercise prescription and general education/guidance.


Teletherapy is the perfect way to educate patients who otherwise have difficulty accessing care. Whether they’re under shelter-in-place orders or simply unable to make it to appointments due to lack of transportation, childcare needs, or other unforeseen circumstances. During your patient informational intake the physical therapist will be able to access if Teletherapy would be a good fit for you or a combination of in-person and virtual visits.

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