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Initial Evaluation $350

One-on-one comprehensive evaluation and assessment identifying limitations and setting goals

Re-Evaluation $175

30 day re-assessment and update plan of care

Follow-up Visit $125

Visits will incorporate a customized mix of treatments that are clinically indicated for your needs to maximize healing and recovery.

Weekend/Emergent Visit $275

Discharge Visit $150

Cold Laser Therapy + $50 per area

Just Dry Needling Treatment $85

Dry Needling + $45 per session

Teletherapy Visit $95

Virtual check-in for scheduled visits or urgent needs to provide clinical education and update plans of care.  

Orthopedic Advocacy $105

Attend in person or virtual orthopedic visit to help express your concerns and understand the presented information.  

Care Coordination $75

Time spent consulting or discussing care with your medical team

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