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Success Stories


"I have been working with Northshore Mobility & Wellness for several months with the goal of improving my balance which at my advanced years was a real danger. In that short time I have improved vastly and have lowered my risk of falling. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body. As I progressed Kayce has given me more and more challenging exercises, but she has proceeded with care and has never overtaxed me. In addition she is a delightful person and a pleasure to work with. I have recommended her to a friend and would enthusiastically recommend her to any one in need of physical therapy."


"This past February, I suffered a not so great knee injury while skiing. After a MRI, the orthopedist rattled off my laundry list of injuries via phone, which sounded like a foreign language to me. Wanting to go to my appointment prepared, I brought Kayce to help me understand what all my issues and options were. Kayce helped me understand everything I had wrong and even advocated for me to get a more functional knee brace since I was going to be in it for the long run.

Fast forward a month and COVID-19 hit, preventing me from participating in onsite pre-hab. Kayce ended up coming to my house regularly and treating my knee in my garage where we could leave the garage doors open for proper airflow while both armed with PPE. This allowed me to receive imperative treatment in a time I otherwise couldn't have.

Post surgery, Kayce came to my rescue yet again. My bandages were wrapped so tight that I lost all the feeling in my foot. Kayce came over at the drop of a dime to rewrap my leg and inspect my incisions.

Kayce possesses a vast knowledge of physical therapy techniques that has allowed me to successfully commence my healing journey during these unprecedented times. Without her support and treatment this year, I don’t know what I would have done. I would highly recommend Kayce’s care and compassion to anyone."


I am extremely satisfied  with my care and  strongly recommend  Kayce Howard, PT . My recommendation comes from personal experience receiving care from her and in clinical collaboration as a fellow therapist.  


I injured my knee this summer and Kayce  provided an immediate assessment and specific short term stretching interventions to get me stabilized.  Throughout the assessment ; Kayce educated me on positioning options, specific home exercises and correct pain management.   She followed up the next day, was readily  available to address questions or concerns  and maintained  consistent communication with me as I healed. 


As a fellow therapist I appreciated her empathetic nature and direct,  clear and concise explanations. She is an excellent  and compassionate therapist.

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